Pickard’s Preserves

Making Home Grown, Last Longer!

Welcome to my gardening and preserving site.

My name is Naomi and i love making delicious preserves the old fashioned way.

I love to grow my own organic fruit and vegetables in my Yorkshire allotment and home garden, which I then use in my preserves.

Follow me on my journey from being a full time NHS mental health nurse to running my own little business.


What I Do:

Some of my organic produce

For ten years i have been growing organic produce in my allotment, following sustainable and organic growing strategies. Follow my successes and failures on Instagram and Facebook.

Rhubarb blackberry and vanilla jam in the making.

I hate waste and so started preserving what we couldn’t eat, gifting my jams and chutneys to friends and family. However leaving my paid job has meant I am now selling my preserves, please check out my Facebook shop to purchase.

Reuse, recycle, return.

Read my ramblings as i leave the only job i have ever done to pursue my dream of being paid to garden and preserve my organic produce.

Read about how i manage my own mental health struggles; my goal is to eventually not need my psychotropic medications ever again!

Taste the Summer!


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Why You’ll Love My Preserves..

All the fruit and vegetables I use in my preserves are organic and mostly grown by me in our allotment! The citrus and other fruits that I cant grow here in Yorkshire, I buy from Organic wholesalers and when I do need stuff importing I try and use Fairtrade products.

The fruit and veggies I grow. I grow from seed that I collect myself so you’ll always know the main ingredients are freshly picked and have no nasty chemicals added.

The majority of the jars I use have been recycled. Obviously I clean and sterilise them, but my jars come in all shapes and sizes and my pricing reflects this.

Just know that every single jar, whether its a jam, a jelly or a chutney, is hand made by me and filled with love!

  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Seasonal
  • Free local delivery
  • My jars can be posted, my packaging is sustainable and usually recycled.

My preserves are available to buy here: https://www.numonday.com/shop/pickards-preserves-making-home-grown-last-longer/

A Few Reviews:

“The most wonderful array of products and all have been delicious! Green bean chutney a new firm favourite and the raspberry jam is to die for. So grateful x 5/5”

“Fabulous little business. Naomi provided us with a selection of her finest pickles and jams. All home made with the organic ingredients from her own allotment. We had the cucumber relish which was exceptionally tasty with sweet and sour flavours. The spiced pumpkin went down very well with smoked venison and a Lilly’s pork pie. My husband made light work of the jams. Naomi delivered the goods to our door and was friendly. The selection was very well priced and we will be having repeat orders delivered in future. Good luck Naomi on your new venture.”

“Amazing chutneys and preserves from Naomi as always. I’ve had to resist sitting with the jar and a spoon this evening! Will definitely be putting in another order! ❤️

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