Freezer Find!

So today i decided to have a clear out at home, starting with the kitchen. Now it is impossible for me not to do at least 8 things at the same time, so whilst clearing one of my cupboards and realising that the fondue set I’ve had forever is unlikely to ever be used, i decided i needed to start emptying and sorting my freezer. (Obviously) This then led to me finding a bag of frozen blackberries and a bag of rhubarb, so obviously i needed to turn this IMMEDIATELY into jam.

So, with cupboards open, fondue sets and plates all over my floor and the freezer starting to defrost itself i made jam! Its delicious as it happens: rhubarb, blackberry and vanilla jam, made with only those ingredients and a bag of jam sugar. Who’d have thought id be making jam from my own fruit in the middle of Winter!

So now i need to know how to open an online shop. The next three hours were spent painstakingly adding each item to an inventory, whilst sheepishly looking at the mess in the kitchen and wondering why i started the job in the first place. Fast forward three hours. I press the delete instead of save button and the lot disappears!! FFS. After dismissing the idea of packing it all in and lobbing my jam at the wall, i gave up with the online shop and went back to the kitchen. FML.

I have now completed my ‘clear out’ by moving stuff to the attic. Its a start i suppose!

Here’s a few photos of my jam making in progress. Luckily i had enough small jars left, which reminds me: i must add a post to my page asking for my customers to save theirs for me to use later in the year..

Oh yes, I’ve also found an online course about using WordPress: how to build my website and monetise my blog! Well initially, how to actually write a blog as I’m not sure my rambling on here counts?

Right, time to add a few photos and sign out, seeing as my hoover is out but not in use, there’s a half cooked meal on the stove and my dog is staring at me in an angry way as ive washed his bedding and forgotten to dry it..

Adios for now

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